VB ZOOM README Version 1.2c1.1 (2003-05-05)

This package contains an ActiveX DLL which implements the ZOOM 1.2 API.

The original VB ZOOM was developed for a project called ZMARCO as part of the Open Archives Initiative Metadata Harvesting Project at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, funded by the Andrew Mellon Foundation. Continuing work on this and the ZMARCO project is being funded from The Yellow Brick Roads Project by Library Services and Technology Act grant from the Illinois State Library. This software and documentation is distributed under the University of Illinois/NCSA Open Source License.

NOTE: This version is binary compatible with the previous version 1.2c1.0, so the name of the DLL is the same as the previous version, but it is not binary compatible with versions earlier than 1.2b1.0. See the Change Log for details.

Supported Platforms

Most Win32 platforms should be supported. However, the ActiveX DLL has only been tested on the following platforms:

It has also been used in standard Visual Basic programs, in VBScript Windows Scripting Host scripts, and in Active Server Page web scripts. It has been reported that the component will also work from C++, Perl, Delphi, or any other programming language on the Windows platform that supports ActiveX COM.

If anyone is successfully using this on different plaforms or different programming languages, please let me know and I will add to this list.


The most recently released VBZOOM installation package can be obtained from SourceForge.


Documentation, Examples, and Source

The documentation for the API is included with the package. The source code includes a simple VB test harness for the DLL (it is not intended to pretty or even useful, but it does allow the VBZOOM library to be tested). Also included is a very simple 'Hello World; VBScript, hw.vbs, that illustrates how the component could be used in a scripting environment. Also see the Change Log.

Although, not documented or publicly exposed by the VBZOOM ActiveX DLL, in the source code there is a MARCRecord class that might be of interest to VB developers working in Library environments. This class parses raw MARC records into an array of data structures, and can also return a MARC 21 XML version of the record. Likewise, there is also a private OPACRecord class that turns the YAZ internal data structures into an XML version of the OPAC Record. These classes provide the GetField functionality for MARC and OPAC records in the ZoomRecord class. If there is some interest, I might clean these classes up, document them, and expose them publicly as part of the VBZOOM library. Let me know.

Questions, Comments, or Bug Reports can be sent to Tom Habing.

Thanks for trying our code!